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Contact Us! Do you really need help with a specific matter? Previously, at the beginning of this site, I used to receive a few e-mails daily, and I received a large number of e-mails daily. That is why I have made one of my team members help me with this, filtering and placing each email in a correct place for him. I know how long I will need to answer everyone. In addition to that it helps me a lot as well by answering the traditional questions that you want a well-known answer to us and is being asked a lot and does not need a personal answer from me. Why do I say this to you ??Firstly, to give me my excuse if I was late for you in the response and I was not as much as your expectation for the speed of the response, and secondly to know that it is possible that the response from me would not be personally if your question did not need that How can I send you?Email me, the best way to [email protected]